Ways You Can Support Local Businesses For Free Right Now

FORT SMITH, Ark – A new study reported by Mid-Michigan Now-NBC25 released by the NFIB Research Center on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic and imposed shutdowns have had on small businesses throughout state is more than grim.

The study shows that one-in-four small business owners reported that they will have to close their doors in the next six months if the current economic conditions don’t improve. This figure is up 5% from last month. In addition, the study states that 22% of owners say they will not be able to operate any longer than 7-12 months under current economic conditions.

While the pandemic has left many feeling a pinch to their wallets, people are still trying to find a way to support the many local businesses in our area. These businesses are owned by our neighbors, our friends, and employed by our family and acquaintances.

Yes, spending money where you can would be best for sure, but there is a way to support these hometown eateries and shops without a fiscal hit to your own bank account. Here’s 5 things you can do to make a difference and lend a helping hand.

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