UCA student goes from delivering pizzas to singing on Netflix

Conway, Arkansas – Deshon Washington has always had a gift for singing, but he never imagined when delivering pizzas at the age of 18.

“I was delivering pizza to a place called Kings Live Music, and they said we have karaoke I’ve never done karaoke,” said Washington. “If you would have told you that night if you would have me that night I was going to London and be on Netflix I would have said go home,”

Deshon is a UCA student studying to be a radiologist, and after a spot in the karaoke world championships, he got a call from producers for the Netflix show “sing on” which was recorded in London. 

“It leaves me speechless, the overall experience was truly a blessing,” said Washington.

He blew everyone away with his talent and placed third in his episode. His family and friends were obviously thrilled.

“I was watching with my mom, granny and aunt, I was in disbelief,” said Washington

He now has fans all over the world.

He has a Youtube channel and is currently working on an album.

We can expect to see big things in this future from Deshon.

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