This platform is helping small businesses get more from their marketing dollars

FORT SMITH, Ark – Even in the best of times, it is hard for business owners to gain insight into customer behavior so that they can make better decisions. Of course, customer behavior changes during a pandemic, making that task more complex. Nevertheless, it’s essential that businesses understand shifting customer habits in order to meet customer expectations and needs.

CallRail was designed to help small business owners more effectively meet their customers’ needs, no matter how they shift over time.

They manage this with four different product offerings: Lead Center, Form Tracking, Conversation Intelligence, and Call Tracking. These tools allow small business owners to understand their buyers’ needs, fine-tune their marketing flow, follow up with their customers effectively, and gain actionable insights from every call along the way.

At the start of the pandemic, most companies reduced or froze marketing initiatives, but in a world where most customers rely on contact-free customer service in order to purchase, call volume growth has increased by an incredible 79 percent. A robust communication strategy is therefore key to retaining and gaining customers.

Businesses that develop campaigns and strategies integrated across multiple channels will have a significant competitive advantage. While in-person contact is limited, sharpening your team’s ability to propel sales using phone calls is the next best thing to a face-to-face conversation.

CallRail helps businesses get the most out of their marketing dollars and connect with potential customers through a unified experience that drives intelligent insights. You can call, text, and manage your team’s leads from a single unified inbox, see which of your marketing efforts drove the most impactful results, categorize leads with powerful AI technology, and connect each ad, campaign, and keyword to a form submission.

CallRail helps you prove the marketing channels you’re spending money on are generating leads that translate to sales opportunities.It’s a challenging time, but CallRail is making things easier for small businesses by providing top-notch services at affordable prices — so it’s certainly worth a try.

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