These Tricks Will Help You Become A Composting Master

FORT SMITH, Ark – While the pandemic has allowed many people to explore new hobbies at home, composting may still elude even the greenest among us. Especially for those of us who live in apartment buildings or don’t have access to a large backyard, this recycling method may appear to be a bigger chore than it’s worth. But, with all of the benefits, like saving the planet, for instance, composting offers countless reasons to start. Especially since food waste makes up nearly 30 percent of the nation’s trash, even small composting bins can make a difference. With all of the skins and peels from your home-made food, it may be the best time to start — no matter your living space.According to PureWow, compost is “organic material” that can be added to soil as a way to spur plant growth. This type of waste helps break down various compounds that make way for nutrient-dense soil, which many use in their gardens. Without a garden, your compost offers an environmentally-friendly way to rid yourself of old food items and biodegradable materials. The outlet also notes the two characteristics your composting items must have as “organic matter … that won’t attract pests.” EatingWell offers a few more details, saying that you can start your compost bin with five ingredients — “carbon-rich materials,” including “leaves, straw, bark, paper, corn stalks, wood chips or sawdust,” “nitrogen-rich materials,” including “grass clippings, vegetable scraps or coffee grounds,” as well as water, oxygen, and “microorganisms, such as bacteria, molds and fungi.”

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