Small businesses with big celebrations

FORT SMITH, Ark – During the early days of the pandemic, among others I did business with a couple of locally-owned, owner-operated small businesses that had opened in December 2019.

Three months after opening, stay-at-home orders and closures and oft-changing regulations made keeping those doors open an incredible challenge. The Dipper, est. Dec. 12, and Birdie’s Pies, est. Dec. 17, have made it to their first anniversaries!

Our communities have really embraced doing business with our local small businesses this year, especially the restaurants trying to do take-out and curbside pickup to make up for reduced seating.

When I look back on 2020 my comfort to-go food memories will be of pie and grilled artichokes. I had fun buying extras to do porch delivery gifting to friends, there’s nothing like receiving a grilled artichoke or a pie as a surprise. 🙂

All of the hardworking small businesses who are able to prevail against incredible odds, able to make a living and keep people employed are truly inspiring.

When there’s mention of the economy, we need to equate the word with people, our neighbors … doing everything in their power to still be standing when the pandemic becomes a distant memory.

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