Plan Your Valentine Week with These 5 Romantic Getaway Ideas

Valentine’s Week is the perfect time for couples, young and old alike, to go on a romantic adventure and leave behind the hectic work schedules to have some fun. If you haven’t zeroed in on a destination for this adventure yet, here are five such getaway ideas worth trying.

Camping at a Wildlife Sanctuary

Few things could be as romantic as partners spending days and nights inside a wildlife preserve, in a cottage or atop a tree, in a machan. It would be a thrilling experience to peer deep into the forest, soaking in the stillness of the surrounding, listening to the songs of peacocks, and the chirp of the crickets floating like tiny lanterns in the dark. Couples may take this chance to spot the deer, the rhino and perhaps a tiger as well.

Boat trips

A paddled boat trip across the ancient river routes seem like the perfect romantic getaway. The stillness of the water, the songs of oarsmen and fishermen, and the near virgin landscape, can help couples strengthen their bond with some quality time. It is better to avoid forested areas with tiger or crocodile territories without adequate precautions.

Long drive

It is safe to say that couples can expect to avoid tigers in long drives. Jokes aside, long drives on highways are one of the most inexpensive romantic activities that couples can undertake this Valentine’s Week. Such trips offer a great opportunity to experience the rural scenery that city-dwellers are deprived of. Short breaks at roadside dhabas are advised for availing washroom facilities.

Café or restaurant date

If travelling afar is not an option, then a trip to a nearby café might be a nice way to spend an evening with one’s partner. Café operators are usually not prying like parents and elders of one’s family. A secluded, dimly lit corner at the said eatery might be the perfect spot for the romantic date.

Evening walk

Sometimes simple ideas are the best ones. Walking through a bylane with one’s beloved might sound like an uninspired idea, but it is an effective one, especially in a quiet neighbourhood.

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