Park Plaza Mall in Little Rock attracts customers on Black Friday

Little Rock, Arkansas – While buying online allows people to acquire goods from the convenience of their homes, Park Plaza Mall customers argue that in-person shopping has advantages.

When Madi Hill walks into the mall, she and the other customers have one thought in mind.

“My mom loves a good deal, so she’s raised us to really get on that, if there is anywhere no matter what the sale is, it’s a sale,” Hill said.

Hill and her family drove two hours away on Black Friday in search of the finest discounts.

“It’s definitely a great way to spend time with your family and just getting all those deals,” Hill said.

Even while discounts may be found both online and in-store, Hill explains why some people prefer to purchase in person.

“You get that real touch, you get to touch the clothes, you get to try them on. It’s that human-to-human connection where you can go up to the register and you’re not just online sitting in your room,” Hill said.

Many retailers are running in-store-only promotions, according to Teresa Poe, General Manager of Park Plaza, which is encouraging customers to come in.

“We kind of gauge on visual, and it seems steady today compared to last year, and it did start getting a little busier earlier this year as well so that’s very encouraging,” Poe said.

Like Kensley Foster, who is already devoting some Christmas money, they will have sales all weekend long to assist shoppers get the most of their money.

“I like how it’s a lot cheaper, because I only got 100 dollars from grandma, and I can get some more stuff,” Foster said.

Although Hill admits she has witnessed some of the mad dash for deals on Black Friday in previous years, she still intends to take advantage of the occasion each year.

“I remember especially when I was younger, my mom would be you can’t go, it’s not safe, but now it’s more chill, just because of online shopping it’s chilled out,” Hill said.

Some of the bargains are valid through the weekend, not just today. A complete timetable is available on their website,


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