Mistakes of 2 retired judges being used as “teaching moments”

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Two retired Arkansas judges publicly admitted to missteps behind the bench.

On Friday, the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission, which oversees judges, announced what it’s calling mistakes that both judges admitted to and remedied.

While serving as a district court judge in Conway County, Judge Dale Lipsmeyer ran for a new position as District Court Judge for Yell, Logan, and Conway Counties. During that election in 2020, Judge Lipsmeyer admitted that he sent letters to lawyers asking for campaign contributions.

Meanwhile Judge Jerry Ryan said as a circuit court judge in Polk and Montgomery Counties he didn’t immediately recuse himself from a case that he should have.

The Commission says in both cases the judges corrected their actions and no formal punishments were needed. It’d further calling these teaching moments for other judges.

The Commission’s Executive Director sent us a statement saying:”Both judges were issues non-punitive informal letters. The technical mistakes they made were remedied through candid responses. We hope these letters can help other judges and candidates remember to be careful about the issues discussed. Both judges are now retired after long, honorable careers.”

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