Marked Tree family pleads for help in finding murder suspect

MARKED TREE, Ark.  – Johnny “Mack” Rhoads’ family is pleading for answers and they say they can’t start to grieve or heal until they get justice.

On April 16, Rhoads was found dead in his home on Brigance Street, leaving his community shocked.

“We were buddies, we were friends, we were so much more than father and daughter,” his daughter, Tom Rhoads, said.

Tom said there weren’t many times you would see her dad, without seeing her too far behind and no matter how old she got, she was always daddy’s little girl.

That’s what makes this tragedy even worse for her.

“It was cold-blooded. It was planned. It’s bad,” she said.

Never in a million years could she imagine finding her father brutally killed in his own home. While she, her sisters, and all of her extended family are still in disbelief, they remember the good memories they shared with Mack.

She’s a professional auctioneer and she loved seeing her dad out on the floor helping her as a ring man.

She also knew to others in the community, he was a man that people sought to catch up with.

“The funny thing was Daddy would go to McDonald’s in the morning, drink coffee with all of the guys. Get all of the male gossip as we call it,” Tom said.

Each morning the two would plan their weeks. She said they were partners, travel buddies who had three passports filled with stamps and they would even renovate homes together.

“He was right there every step of the way. He was there to help set up, he was there to help haul furniture, he was there to restore furniture. He was there to do any and everything we needed to do,” Tom said.

Unfortunately, this turned her life upside down and she knows it won’t ever be the same.

She said during this time, God is giving her and her family the strength they need to get through these dark days.

“There will be time for us to shed tears but right now is not that time. Right now we need everybody to help us catch this killer,” she said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Arkansas State Police, Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office and the Marked Tree Police Department are all actively working this case.

Poinsett County Sheriff Kevin Molder said they are unable to release any new details as it is an open investigation, but did assure Region 8 News that they will do everything they can to bring justice to the Rhoad’s family.

There is a $10,000 reward for any tips or information that leads to an arrest and conviction of a suspect.

Anyone with information on Rhoads’ murder can contact Marked Tree police at 870-358-2024, Poinsett County Sheriff’s Office at 870-578-5411, or the Arkansas State Police at 870-931-0043.

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