Local teen starts clothing business, encourages other young entrepreneurs

FORT SMITH, Ark – Starting a business is risky, but a young entrepreneur is proving it has its rewards.

Jalaya Greene pursued the career of dreams – even when it meant following a non-traditional path.

“College is not for everyone, and I am one of those people,” Greene said.

Greene is the CEO of her clothing brand Iconik Drip.

Greene, 18, says running a business has been her dream for the past few years.

She’s worked hard to develop an urban apparel brand that has something for everyone.

She makes clothing from infant sizes to an adult 4XL.

Along with her online sales, Greene has participated in pop-up shops specifically designed to give child and teen entrepreneurs exposure across the Triad.

“The support has been great. Everyone comes out and they show love and support and even if they can’t afford tracksuits or anything, they buy masks or bags,” she said.

Greene’s greatest supporter and inspiration is her mother Shauna Greene.

Her mother, a successful barber, believed in her daughter’s vision so much that she funded the business from her own income.

“Jalaya spent many a days in the barbershop with me. She got to see us come from where we were to where we are now, so Jalaya knows the benefits of working hard and it does something to me to see her have the same aspect that I have. I go hard every day and Jalaya does the same,” Shauna Greene said.

Jalaya Greene’s other goals include owning a storefront business and seeing her brand go international.

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