Local organization is helping veteran families in need

Fort Smith, ARKANSAS – Christmas is almost here and this time of the year is all about giving. Sharing love and food with the people in need. We have good news for you, a local organization is making sure struggling veteran families don’t go hungry.

Each month Antioch for Youth & Family has been handing out food to Fort Smith veterans and their families. According to the organization, their funding comes from the USDA approved farmers to families program.

Antioch Director, Charolette Tidwell, said:

“Today’s event was especially important with Christmas just a few days away. Each family was given triple the amount they would normally get. They’ve given so much back to us in America, so we owe them the opportunity that their Christmas is bountiful.”

Today was the last distribution event for the area. Antioch hopes to get more funds and continue the program next year.

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