Jared Rego has visionary plans for the city of Fort Smith

Fort Smith, Ark. – Jared Rego is a senior development officer for Mercy Health Foundation and he was the only candidate for the city board position held by Keith Lau, who did not seek reelection.

Because Rego was the only candidate to file for the position, he was named the Ward 1 director-elect on June 1 and will take office in the new year. He ran on a B.I.G. platform designed to help lead Fort Smith to a brighter and better future.

That agenda includes bonding together in the face of challenges, innovating in a quest to prepare for the future, and growing in a vibrant and sustainable way.

He also mentioned that wants to make Fort Smith a place where the next generation wants to be, not the place they want to be from. The way to do this is to expand on the good parts of Fort Smith.

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