Hospitalizations as a result of Covid-19 close to record high

Conway, Arkansas – More than 900 new corona cases were confirmed along with 41 more deaths in the state of Arkansas. With these numbers, we are close to record high hospitalizations according to the state officials.

The Arkansas state record was set on Wednesday last week with 1.100 hospitalized. The Arkansas Department of Health said there were 1,093 state residents hospitalized with COVID-19 Sunday, 34 more than Saturday.

What is worse, the real number of Covid-19 cases should be even bigger as many people haven’t been tested yet. Even more, some people who are positive to the virus are not showing any symptoms.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, more than 17% of the tests are positive in the past week.

In most cases, the virus causes no or mild symptoms that clear up within weeks. But for elderly people or people with known health problems, the coronavirus can became fatal.

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