Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered remarks to Keidanren, the Japanese Business Federation

Fort Smith, Ark. – According to the state officials, Keidanren is comprised of 1,512 representative Japanese companies, 107 national organizations in major industries such as manufacturing and services, and 47 regional economic organizations.

Its mission, as a comprehensive economic organization, is to draw out the vitality of companies and the individuals and communities that support them, and to contribute to the autonomous development of the Japanese economy and the improvement of people’s lives.

The Governor released the followings statement:

“Good morning! Thank you to the team at Keidanren for hosting us today. I’d especially like to thank Chairman Sawada and Chairman Ueki for presiding over today’s session.

This isn’t my first time in Japan, and after my first impressions from this trip, I certainly hope it isn’t my last.

I was here with President Trump for several of his visits. A lot of his critics back at home said the President’s personality would be too big for our Japanese hosts.

As is often the case, they were totally wrong. The press in particular were surprised when the President walked out to a cheering crowd at a traditional Japanese sumo match. Some people say everything is bigger in America, but in wrestling, your country definitely has us beat.

The trip was a total success. And key to that was our host, Prime Minister Abe – the visionary behind a Free and Open Indo-Pacific.

President Trump built one of his closest foreign relationships with Prime Minister Abe, and I know he and everyone else in our country were heartbroken by the tragic event that took the former Prime Minister from this world far too soon.”

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