Governor Sanders’ Administration alerted Attorney General Griffin’s office of two companies that may be in violation of Act 636, which prohibits foreign-party-controlled businesses from owning Arkansas land

Fort Smith, Ark. – According to the state officials, as part of Secretary Wes Ward’s ongoing investigations, the Department of Agriculture discovered that two companies, Risever Machinery LLC in Craighead County and Jones Digital LLC near the City of DeWitt, may have significant ties to China.

Jones Digital LLC may also have significant ownership interest in digital asset and crypto-mining operations in other parts of the state under different names.

In October, Governor Sanders became the first governor in the country to kick a Chinese state-owned company off American farmland.

Her administration is forcing Syngenta to sell its land in Craighead County and received a $280,000 fine from the company.

Governor Sanders released the following statement:

“China is a hostile foreign adversary and under my administration, we will follow the law and not allow companies controlled by the Chinese Communist Party to buy up and exploit Arkansas land.”

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