Governor announces three more presumptive positive cases of coronavirus

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At a press conference Friday Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that are three more presumptive positive cases in Arkansas, one in Little Rock.

Director of the Department of Health Dr. Nate Smith said, “We have three new positive tests. The case is of most concern is the one we don’t have a linkage to out-of-state exposure or known case. It suggest likelihood of transmission within LR community.”

Governor Hutchinson says he the state has ordered more protective equipment for healthcare workers and for patients, “We have a set of inventory that is in the dept of health that will be expanded dramatically in the next week–66,000 additional surgical mask be as well as other equipment that should be coming in.”

The issue of testing has been a concern for the past couple of days now. UAMS has ordered more tests and should be ready to go next week.

Governor Hutchinson also echoed Little Rock Mayor Frank’s Scott recommendation on large gatherings saying, “Mayor Scott announced his recommendation that in LR no larger gatherings larger that 200 people. I will join in on that recommendation to the four county area that we covered yesterday for school closings.”

Director of Education Johnny Key was also on hand today to further elaborate on school closures and any possibility of future closures. He said the CDC guidelines will be followed, “Schools are the safest place, places in the state for most of our students. The services they receive not only education opportunities but the meals services that go on are very important. we want to keep that access open as long as we can. So given the CDC recommendations we are continuing to monitor it is important to keep the schools open.”

Key also mentioned that state testing windows could potentially be altered in counties that have been affected but that it is still to early to make any concrete changes yet. Key has directed school to have plans ready on the off chance they will have to close for any presumptive positive tests.

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