Gov. Hutchinson says reopenings in Arkansas are ‘clearly on pause’

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — In a press conference on June 25, Governor Asa Hutchinson said there is currently a pause on reopenings in Arkansas.

The statement comes after a reference to the governor of Texas “rolling back” on reopenings and some elective surgeries. Gov. Abbott announced Thursday that reopening new phases in the state is on pause due to the increase of cases and, more specifically, hospitalizations.

Hutchinson responded by first pointing out that Texas has opened up to a larger extent than Arkansas has.

“They are at, I believe, it’s 75% capacity in the restaurants. We’re at two-thirds,” Gov. Hutchinson said. “And Governor Abbott, in reference to your question, did not say they’re rolling it back. They’re saying they’re putting all new openings on pause. Well, our new openings are on pause as well.”

The governor said Arkansas reopenings will remain on pause until they are comfortable with more lifting restrictions.

He reminded the public to look beyond what phase a state articulates they are in.

“Most of the states actually have jumped way out from the White House guidelines on phases and have moved into their own phases,” Hutchinson said.

He provided California as an example, stating they have made a sort of template based off the White House guidelines, rather than directly following it. Hutchinson said he believes Texas is doing something similar.

“We’re clearly on pause here in the state in terms of moving to lift further restrictions until we’re comfortable with where we are in controlling the spread,” Hutchinson said.

As of June 25, Arkansas has seen more than 10,600 positive COVID-19 cases within the month so far.

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