Fort Smith sales tax revenue exceeds 2019 totals

FORT SMITH, Ark – For the fifth straight month, sales tax revenue in Fort Smith exceeded the totals for the same months in 2019.

The city has also exceeded monthly 2019 totals in seven of the 10 months accounted for in 2020, according to city records.

Sales tax revenues in the city were around $6 million in January before dipping off below $5 million after the holidays. In most months, the totals have remained close to $5 million except for the summer months, when the totals climbed up to around $5.5 million.

The only months that didn’t exceed monthly sales tax totals from 2019 are January, April and May. April and May were impacted by statewide business restrictions during COVID-19 that forced most service establishments throughout Arkansas to greatly limit their services.

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