Fort Smith officers honored for heroism in dealing with knife-wielding man

FORT SMITH, Ark.  – A pair of Fort Smith police officers were recently honored for their work in dealing with a man wielding a knife.

According to a report from content partner KNWA, officers Clinton Shown and Colby Edwards were recognized for their efforts in the situation.

Fort Smith police said Friday that a man with a knife had begged officers to kill him outside a house. Police also said a young child was at home when the incident happened.

“Officer Edwards arrived first and managed to get other family members of the man to safety. Officer Shown approached the man with the knife and started talking to him,” KNWA reported. “(Police spokesman Aric) Mitchell said at one point, the man with the knife told Officer Shown he had until, “the count of three” before he would go into the child’s room with the knife.”

Officer Shown spoke to the man, whose name was not released, as police worked with prosecutors to get a hold for mental impairment placed on the man, KNWA said.

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