Conway woman continues to make free soap after someone stole her tip jar

CONWAY, Ark. — In light of COVID-19 the business owner of Bath Bombshell in Conway has been making products for free, but this past weekend someone tried to take advantage of her act of kindness.

On Robins Street in Conway a local business owner is promoting Peace, Love and Suds, because of COVID-19 everyone isn’t able to go to the store and get what they need, so now she’s making soap and giving it out for free, but then something happend.

Her soap set up was messed up and someone took the money out of her tip jar on Saturday.

“The honor jar is here to show thanks if you can afford it, but if not that’s alright. I’ve had some thank you notes a well and it was just disappointing that someone would feel the need to take something that didn’t belong to them,” said Julie Duvall.

In despite of someone taking money she earned, Duvall is still out in Conway giving away free soap.

“I can’t give up, people need soaps, people need products, there are a lot of people facing unemployment or that have been furloughed,” said Duvall.

After seeing several families struggle to collect essential things like toilet paper and food, Julie decided to use her own business, Bath Bombshell to create more products for people in her neighborhood.

“I was thinking why not re-batch it and make it into smaller, like travel size and actually give that out, because people need this right now,” said Julie.

She’s used some of her old inventory and makes the soaps all by herself in her home, and it doesn’t stop there. She gets a little creative with shapes and sizes of the soaps.

“I can embed hearts and stars and make soap cupcakes for kids,” said Duvall.

She’s had the business since 2018 and she’s just been passionate about it ever since.

“What gets me going is the fact that somebody is being helped or it’s making somebody’s life healthier or better,” said Duvall.

So far, she’s given away more than 160 bags of soap. She even received a thank you letter from a family who truly needed to soap, and her gift came at a perfect time.

She says it’s not a market scheme it’s just the right thing to do.

“I’m really proud about what i’m doing, because i’m giving back something,” said Duvall.

You can buy the soap everyday between 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. until she runs out. She’s also still selling her other products online.

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