Conway schools announce no virtual option for students next year

CONWAY, Ark.- Virtual learning is coming to an end for Conway Public Schools.

The district announced all students will return to the classroom for the 2021-22 school year and virtual instruction will not be provided by the district.

Conway school district assistant superintended K. K. Bradshaw said a big reason the district is making this move is for the social aspect. Not only between students and teachers but also between peers.

She said research also shows students learn better in a classroom setting.

“If children have been virtual, they have missed out on that socialization and we’ve seen that when some of our virtual students have come to campus to test,” Bradshaw said.

In the Facebook announcement, the district added a link for other options outside CPSD for virtual learning.

Some parents shared the post saying they would be leaning that direction.

Meanwhile, Bradshaw said teachers are eager to have full classrooms again.

“They wish ever kid was in their classroom,” said Bradshaw.

During this school year, the district has seen a trend in more students returning to the classroom.

In the beginning, Bradshaw said about 35 percent of the district was learning virtually, now that’s closer to 25 percent.

“As the number have gotten better and vaccinations have emerged and as parents and students realized what a struggle it was to learn in a virtual environment,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw said if there is a spike in COVID cases prior to the start of school, the district will reconsider its plan.

In addition, they haven’t made plans on what classrooms will look like or guidelines they will follow yet.

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