Boozman talks to FSPS

FORT SMITH, Ark – Thursday was a busy day for U.S. Sen. John Boozman, who traveled across the region to visit with schools and discuss what they need to succeed.

Fort Smith was the third and final stop for Boozman on Thursday. The senator spoke about his Fort Smith roots, having grown up in the area and gone to Fort Smith Public Schools (FSPS).

Greenwood Superintendent John Ciesla joined the conference by phone while FSPS Superintendent Doug Brubaker was present with other members of FSPS administration.

Boozman started the conversation by asking the status of virtual school and what percentage of students were enrolled in that option as well as asking if there were students returning to in-class instruction.

According to Brubaker, approximately 20% of FSPS students are currently enrolled in the virtual option and the majority of students that are returning to in-class instruction are the elementary-aged kids. Ciesla stated that approximately 15% of Greenwood students are enrolled in the the virtual option and agreed that elementary-aged students are the ones returning to in-class learning.

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