Before voting on the 2024 budget, the Little Rock directors’ meeting

Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Board of Directors deliberated over the 2024 budget on Tuesday prior to casting a vote.

The directors disagree on whether to raise their compensation, even if the majority of the budget appears to be in order.

Next year, city police and fire personnel will receive pay raises. The Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police (LRFOP) has recently concluded negotiations over the terms of their salary hikes.

Starting pay for officers in Little Rock will be $52,500, a 5% raise. Additionally, officers who have worked for more than 15 years will receive a 4% pay raise.

“I think it’s definitely going to help with recruitment,” LRFOP President Ronnie Morgan said. “I think the nod to the senior officers will help with retention. It will help across the board.”

Following negotiations last year, the Little Rock Firefighters Union will see a 1.75% pay raise in 2024.

For emergency dispatchers, there will also be a $2,500 recruit reward.

The possible pay rises for another group, however, are a topic of significant debate.

The budget includes raising the directors’ salaries in Little Rock. They currently make $18,000 annually. They will receive $25,000 if they approve the budget as it stands.

A few directors declared that if this was included in the budget, they would reject it. Right now, the city attorney and mayor are attempting to divide the money and provide raises for different votes.

Next Monday, the board is anticipated to cast a vote on the budget.



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