Arkansas sees record breaking 1,061 coronavirus cases in one day

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Local pharmacies are expanding vaccination appointments after Gov. Asa Hutchinson opened it up to people 65 and up on Tuesday.

“I was thinking I’d have to wait until April 1, so this was really a delightful surprise today,” Nancy Jefferey said.

Nancy Jefferey received her COVID-19 vaccine at Kavanaugh Pharmacy just hours after the Governor made the announcement to open it up to people 65 and older. The pharmacy created more appointments just minutes after the announcement.

“My husband is older than I am and he got his shot. He’s had both of his shots now and so it was hard for us to think about going any place or doing anything until I got this,” she said.

Anne Pace is the owner and pharmacist at Kavanaugh Pharmacy. In the last week, appointments for those 70 and up have slowed down a bit. She said she is not surprised to see the Governor make this move.

“I think it was time to open up the next group because we were ready to go ahead and get started on the next group,” Pace said.

The Kavanaugh Pharmacy website is already modified for people 65 and up to sign up for an appointment, but they’re booking up fast.

“They’re booked up mostly this week,” Pace said. “We’ve opened up new spots and we’ve got opening early next week as well.”

If you are having trouble finding an available appointment, Pace recommends checking multiple pharmacies and to check back often. New appointments can pop up at any time, so be patient.

“If you’re having problems, can’t do it, we’re always happy to help talk to people and get them signed up,” Pace said.

This move means people like Jefferey can start thinking about seeing family again.

“I have grandchildren I want to see and so now we can travel to see them and I won’t feel like I’m endangering my husband or myself,” she said.

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