Arkansas Department of Transportation crews and contractors are utilizing all available resources to repair potholes statewide that have formed in the aftermath of the recent winter storm

Fort Smith, Ark. – According to the state officials, our state was hit by a severe winter storm that cost ARDOT approximately $8-10 million in labor and materials – including salt, salt brine, equipment, and working hours – used to fight the storm.

State officials said that the main focus turns to repairing the roads, particularly the potholes that have formed due to freezing and thawing of the ground.

ARDOT is placing priority on repairing large potholes in work zones on Interstate 30 in Saline County and Highway 67/167 in Jacksonville.

The Department is working with the contractors in those work zones to repair the damaged areas as quickly as possible.

Due to an extended period of rain in the forecast, repairs are expected to take longer as crews wait for the pavement to dry out.

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