ABF Freight driver named TCA Highway Angel

FORT SMITH, Ark – The Truckload Carriers Association has named ABF Freight’s Josh Elmore, from Lincolnton, N.C., a Highway Angel for stopping to help a driver after his vehicle collided with a dump truck.

ABF Freight is based in Fort Smith.

It was a beautiful summer morning and Josh Elmore was northbound on U.S. 220 near Madison, N.C. “I was talking to another driver and checking my mirrors and my speed,” he said. “All of a sudden I saw a big cloud of smoke or dust in front of me. I realized there was a dump truck and car that had made contact.”

The car was spinning around ahead of Elmore in the left lane and the dump truck was in the right lane. “The car hit the guardrail,” Elmore said. “I started getting on my brakes to slow and stop and make sure cars behind me didn’t hit him. My first reaction was to stop, protect the scene, and then go check on the driver. I threw my hazards on and came to a stop, blocking traffic in the left lane.” As Elmore jumped out, a power company truck stopped traffic in the right lane. He could see that the dump truck went around the bend and pulled over.

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