6 Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorations to Make From Trash

FORT SMITH, Ark – Christmas was once about family and friends as much as it is now about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and truthfully, it still can be. Not all of us are caught up in the consumerism of Christmas, and even if we kinda, sorta are, that doesn’t mean the other part isn’t just as important. We all love our families and want some quality time over the holidays.

As parents, as aunts and uncles, as grandparents, older cousins, or even just friends with friends who have children, much of the fun of the holidays is being around kids, watching them believing in magic and filled with excitement. The amazing thing is that, when we as adults don’t put the value of the experience solely on presents, children will follow suit.

One way to engage the kids, build up the anticipation, spend quality time together, and get the creative juices flowing is to make Christmas decorations from garbage. Yes, garbage. Not only does this accomplish all those wonderful things listed above, but it also helps us to repurpose and reduce the amount of trash we create. All of that, and it’s just really fun.

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